Brave Ground

Color of the year

Our color of the year is a shade that is all about balance, stability and potential. An empowering, but also calm, reassuring color that grounds us and reconnects us to the simple things in life. We’ve drawn inspiration during our selection process from materials like soil, clay, and quartz, as well as the smooth and soothing finish of a seashell.

The trend palettes provide hints and suggestions about how Brave Ground can be combined with other colors – for example, the comforting, natural look of tone-on-tone arrangements, or to express a more sporty and assertive attitude when Brave Ground is juxtaposed with more starkly contrasting bright tones. As we did last year, for each of our four trend themes we’ve once again translated this refined warm neutral shade into different finishes: refined pearls, structured terra-coat, smooth anodized effects and natural interference.

Each version of Brave Ground is strong in and of itself, but also functions as a beautiful base that enables other shades to shine and stand out. And that brings us back to our overarching theme of COURAGE and the solid foundation that is needed to facilitate change.